The dental clinic is understandably an avoided place for many people.  The vast majority of our patients have simple and straightforward appointments but once in awhile we are able to demonstrate our skills and help our patients drastically improve their health and smile.  Make no mistake in our clinic as we don’t set out to create insecurities in a person’s smile.  In fact, we believe the perception of an individual comes from many other things than the appearance of teeth.  However, healthy teeth and a healthy smile are desired by just about everyone which is why people come to visit us.  We invite you to take a look at some of our favorite examples of these improvements that can offer a sense of peace and confidence to our patients!


Spaces between teeth can be an annoying thing to deal with for some people.  This particular individual just finished shifting teeth with braces and wanted an acceptable esthetic result to keep the teeth in place until growth is finished.  The treatment was performed using tooth-colored fillings!


The loss of a tooth can be devastating especially  when it’s a front tooth.  There are a number of options available to replace a missing tooth and one of the most popular currently is an implant.  Implants provide predictable results but can sometimes present their own challenges.  Managing the gingiva (gums) around an implant is one of those big challenges.  Without proper gum display, an implant won’t look natural in an esthetic area.  This particular case was treated with an implant after a root canal failed (most root canals do not fail).  In addition, the natural tooth was out of alignment so part of our objective was to re-align the new crown.  We actually used the crown from the natural tooth to guide the tissue into place during the healing process after the tooth was removed.  The last picture you see is the day we delivered the final crown.  As a result, the gums were slightly inflamed from the seating process.  This individual was very satisfied with the results!